EYH2014 Hubs Hub

The Hubs Hub was a project I completed in the weeks prior to Sheffield University’s Engineering: You’re Hired! event. It allows students to view who will be in their respective hubs and groups during the week, and view other information, such as necessary student emails, Google Maps links to the hub locations, and direct access to their project details.

Hubs Hub in action

Students all have a Gmail managed @sheffield.ac.uk email address, so authenticating users is done via OAuth2. This means the application never needs to see users' passwords, which alleviates privacy concerns for students using an app made by another student. Once logged in, students can only see their hub information, and not for other hubs. As well as this, users have access to a chat system, which is available for just their group, for their whole hub, and one site-wide chat that any student can see and access.

Hubs Hub chat in action

Hubs Hub was developed using MeteorJS, which allowed me to develop the majority of the application in a single 3 hour sitting, followed by a few extra hours refining it and responding to feedback. The included accounts-ui package made the Google authentication incredibly simple and secure to set up. The reactive data sources and easy data input/output also meant that creating a secure, realtime chat system took under two hours to implement, including partitioning it between the entire site and separate hubs / groups. Using the iron-router package also meant that the whole website can be served as a single-page application, with minimal reloading of the page when navigating.

A small admin section was also implemented so that I could pretend to be a user to check their hub details - this came in handy when I had to manually switch some students between groups and I had to check it had been done correctly.

Check it out, get the code or look at what else I do!

If you're a student who took part in Engineering: You're Hired! 2014, you can still log in with your sheffield.ac.uk email.